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About Boxo

Boxo Productions is a leading independent film and television production company with truly global ambitions. We produce and fund premium content across a range of genres, championing the boldest and most original voices in modern entertainment.

Boxo is a partnership featuring notable entertainment industry leaders Petr Jákl, Ara Keshishian, Martin Barab, as well as top-tier creators. The Boxo team also includes financial and legal experts who work tirelessly to deliver new value to investors.


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Our Business Model

At Boxo, we believe that great entertainment and sound investment go hand-in-hand. We are a highly diversified company divided along the following main business structures:


We provide content for the booming streaming market, including popular US platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and AppleTV.  In every aspect, we produce turnkey solutions where our skilled team delivers content with prominent quality and rapid turnover time.


We co-invest in large-budget, star-studded Hollywood movies, our “big shots.”   This cooperation usually occurs in the very early stages of the movie production process where we participate by providing seed money, advisory roles, and other functions, and are paid out the moment a film reaches realization, as distribution companies cut deals to secure the movie rights for their respective markets.

* Across all segments, Boxo secures full payment the moment a piece of content is finalized and delivered – regardless of the project’s ultimate success. Because we always keep part of the rights, we receive a share of the revenue in case of commercial success. The usual duration range for content delivery contracts is between 12 and 16 months.


BOXO Productions is a new division launched by New York-based investment firm Livento Group LLC. BOXO is driven to participate in the tremendous growth of the billion dollar entertainment market. BOXO’s partnership with top people in the film and television industry focuses on producing premium content for modern audiences.

Livento is listed on OTC markets. Find out more about the company here: OTC MARKETS & TWITTER


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